Five Benefits of a Warehouse Management System

Choosing the right Warehouse Management System (WMS) will depend on your business needs, but every WMS has something in common: they are designed to help improve your operations. From streamlining your processes to more available information, here are 5 benefits to choosing a WMS.

Inventory Management

Accurate inventory can be a key factor in running your business. When stock is received and verified in the system, it can then be tracked through the entire process. Since operations are system driven, receiving, picking, packing, and moving, are all directed and accounted for. The ability to monitor inventory accurately allows your warehouse to order inventory only when it is needed. Reports can be generated to show stock amounts and help you decide when the best and most economical time to order new product will be.

Order Accuracy

The ability to improve order accuracy will save both time and money. There are less shipments being sent out to correct errors, which means less labour being used and less money on shipping. From creating a Sales Order through to the shipment, the entire process is accurately tracked through the system. Each product on the order can be scanned. Parts won’t be picked in error because this system will know that it isn’t part of the order.

Cycle Counting

Taking inventory is never anyone’s favourite job, but it is necessary. Cycle counting will help reduce the need for doing a complete physical inventory. Counting small amount of inventory frequently can become part of the warehouse’s daily operations.


Organizing a warehouse will help keep the warehouse moving efficiently. Defining specific storage areas and locations in the warehouse helps keep your inventory organized. Optimizing processes through the order and knowledge of the warehouse through the WMS will help save time.

Continuous Improvement

If your WMS is cloud based, like ours is, it can evolve with your business really easily. Continuous improvements, even small ones, to the system can be released to you without any disruption to your business. This allows your business to keep improving as the WMS adds new features or customizes them to your needs.

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