Dynamex and GM Dealer Team overcome ‘right part delivered on time challenge’ with TQS Technologies software solutions

Dynamex and GM Dealer Team overcome ‘right part delivered on time challenge’ with TQS Technologies software solutions. Using TQS Suite of Software solution (TQS’ iPack™, TQS’ iRoute™ and TQS’ vServe™), both companies successfully managed to automate, increase speed and eliminate errors of their pack and delivery operations.

Business Goals-Challenge:

  • Eliminate errors and automate pick and pack warehouse operations.
  • Achieve better visibility to the consolidation and physical movement of products within a warehouse.
  • Enable visibility for Dealers and Corporate users (what is delivered and if it is on time)
  • Provide Shipment Consolidation with the end shipment route


TQS iPack | TQS iRoute | TQS vServe

TQS iPack leverage the technologies of mobile and web applications to create a program to pick and pack parts. The system does not require daily order manifest but simply works by recognizing the barcodes for packages to determine their end destination (dealership). It can use these barcodes to distinguish the type of packages and load it to outer package ready for shipping.

It keeps the record of what was loaded and what route it got shipped on. It then links to TQS iRoute to tell the delivery driver the locations that need deliveries on that route.

TQS™ iRoute is user-friendly and cost effective application, offering mobile and online tools for pickup and delivery as well as route planning.

The real-time information is displayed on the iRoute© vServe web portal for global visibility.


Automated Warehouse Process

Barcode verification: Fulfill customers’ orders by arranging the physical distribution of items and assembling them into consolidated shipments.

Consolidation to Routes

Route verification: Shipment Consolidation with the end shipment route.

Enhanced Visibility

Corporate and Client Visibility: TQS iRoute allows management of the transportation routes in real time. It gives visibility of customers’ items and allows for real time exception and performance reporting via iRoute web portal.